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400 S. Main St., Office 8A
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Standard Library Residency

We are seeking artists to work with for a pilot of our nascent residency program.

Standard Library works with artists and designers in the cultural sphere—helping them promote and distribute their body of work online. With this residency, we’d like to turn that upside-down, and work with directly with artists to create a single work that occupies, abuses, negates and/or inverts the digital space.

We know code, but we also know that code is abstruse and opaque. Software has a transformative effect wherever it is applied, but creating functional and robust software is always a collaborative effort. The outcome of this residency is to find an nexus of art, design, and computer code which elevates the practice of each discipline.

We expect fellows to complete one large-scale self-directed project during their fellowship, while contributing to office culture and projects along the way. At the terminal of the residency, fellows will present their project in a public venue of their choosing.

In addition to participating in day-to-day studio culture, you will:

To apply, please email office+residency@standard-library.com with a brief statement of intent and a description of your previous work and motivation. As this is a trial run for the program—please also include a proposed project duration and budget for consideration. A stipend for project expenses will be provided, based on project requirements and duration. Some previous programming knowledge is not a requirement, but may be a determining factor for eligibility depending on the proposed project.

This residency is open to current full-time students within two years prior to completing their degree (any level).